How Priyanka Chopra can help Shahid Kapoor

The need for multi tasking is gaining importance by the day. And actors in a quest to come across extremely reliable and productive, are taking up additional work and showing interest in honing multiple skills. But Shahid Kapoor isn’t interested in multitasking.

In an interview to a daily, the actor admitted that he can’t multitask. “I have the worst memory. I don’t remember what happened day before. And I can’t multitask. I envy girls because they are really good at it and guys just can’t handle it. This is one thing that I really can’t do, but really want to do. And there are so many things going on that you can’t just focus on one thin,” he said.

We agree being a multi-tasker involves a lot of risks and challenges, but Shahid honing multiple skills can make a huge difference to one’s career. You have Priyanka Chopra setting the example!

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