Priyanka Chopra In Flaunt – 10

Priyanka Chopra In Flaunt #IamPiggyChopsPriyanka Chopra on playing the villain—”I find it liberating, because when are we ever going to be so bad in real life? It’s so much fun to be bad—it’s luxurious.” . | www.IAmPiggyChops… #PiggyChops #flauntinprint #therepercussionsissue #cover photographed by @fredericauerbach and styled by Zoe Costello | hair: Christian Marc Schmidt | makeup: #matthewvanleeuwen | manicure: @lpwnails using Maxus Nails . Jill Stuart top, @preenbythorntonbregazzi dress, @rochasofficial earrings, and gucci ring


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