Priyanka lands Mr. Worldwide

After reveling with in the sights and sounds In her City, Priyanka’s next conquest, which involves the devilish Mr. Worldwide, promises to be an exotic affair. Quite literally.

That PC’s second solo track is finally under way has given Priyanka fans, who’ve been incessantly humming In My City for the past few months, something to perk up about. And chances are that Mr. Worldwide, who’s been constantly flitting in and out of Mumbai, (And even honoured it with a mention in one of his recent songs) might just take the plunge and belt a few lines in classic Hindi; so that gives Team Pitbull something to cheer about. If you happen to be a fan of neither; then stock up on the ear buds, mate. Not much is known about the diva’s second excursion in the world of pop music, but the fact that whatever it is, it’s going to be huge, is crystal.

Source: Priyanka lands Mr. Worldwide

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